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Hensley-Elam | Lexington, KY | Infrastructure, Programming, and Web Services

Hensley-Elam was co-founded by Russ Hensley and Sam Elam in 1998 in Lexington, Kentucky. Since its inception, the company's mission has been to provide professional services in three areas: programming, web services, and infrastructure.

Hensley-Elam's customers range from small business ventures to corporations with billions of dollars in yearly revenues, as well as government services. HEA approaches each customer with the professional level of service and respect demanded to provide solutions for tough problems.

Hensley-Elam is a full-range of Information Technology solutions provider. Our services include, help desk, Tier 3 dispatched tech support to your site, remote management and monitoring as well as custom application developers for things like web applications, digital signage and more. Additionally, Hensley-Elam prides itself on being a full-service technology provider adept in custom programming, webpage design, networking, telephony, and social marketing.

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